30 October 2014


Last week I mentioned this cool 1977 Sansui qrx-8001 quad receiver score.
Quad was the early version of surround sound,
using 4 speakers,
like a front and rear stereo.
This was a deal as it only worked in 2-channel mode,
on the A speaker setting,
and only one AUX input.
no FM, tape or quad synthesizers.
Very intricately built,
there was no way I could afford a professional repair service.
Over the week other projects were cleared out,
and finally I was able to get down to business.
The insides were unmolested and original.
The first clean was done outside,
compressed air to blow out the dust,
and each pot (knob controller) lubed and twisted 50+ times,
usually all that's needed.
What a disappointment hooking it up.
The thing was dead!
Did I pull a wire out accidentally?
Short something out?
There was intermittent clear sound when the speaker knob was inbetween the A & B setting.
Out of frustration,
the dormant 9090 was hooked up,
and wow at 110+ wpc it cranked those speakers.
With no netflix to watch,
1030 pm was the start of the 2nd clean,
this time inside huffing all the good chit.
Old sansui's were known to have flux build-up on the boards,
and I chipped off a bunch with toothpicks.
Like that would miraculously fix it!
After a more thorough spray cleaning,
and sufficient drying time,
the test speakers were hooked up.
Everything worked!!
All inputs, FM, quad buttons and A/B/front/rear!
Nothing perpetuates a rattlecan rebuild hack fix like success.
This whole time the wife was focused on her own project,
probably more so with the fumes.
Did the couple midnight celebratory tequila shots sober us up or help us wind down?!

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