08 October 2014

Modern Pirate

There's something about boat people that reminds me of modern day pirates.
Maybe pirates is too strong a word with the killing and thieving,
there's a saltiness that needs to be accepted if your gonna be on the ocean.
Actually you're gonna either accept the saltyballs like a pirate,
or your gonna fight it like a yachtsmen,
a never ending battle.
Well a buddy of mine is a pirate at heart,
really a rat rodder in the small boat world,
acquiring plunder and making it work.
Then beating the heck out of it as you should.
After seeing the progress on our little whaler,
Dino coerced me to make some of his ideas a reality.
How could I resist.
Using a donor windshield and some scrap SS tubing,
a side console unit was fabbed up,
complete with spot lights and switches.
A stern light was whipped out from the remaining scrap.
I'll be making a light for ours!
I gotta admit it was a fun project.
More attention to the big picture instead of the smallest details.
The funky workboat styling,
function before form,
may irk the Boston Whaler traditionalists!
What'll happen is he'll be out there that much more,
surfing off the Point,
or hoop-netting for lobsters,
while keeping dry.
That's what it's all about.
One thing I was surprised about,
was the differences between the 13 and 15 foot whalers.
The 2 foot difference is an additional 200 lbs in hull weight alone,
not including the larger engine and controls.
The trailer must be twice as heavy,
and way wider,
a 2-man job squeezing it into the slot.
Dangerous with bare feet!
I'll admit I got the bug looking for a larger boat,
a montauk 17 would be bitchin.
For our use and space,
the little 13 is way more manageable.
So for now I'll be happy 
balancing the pirate vs yachtsman with our little whaler.

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