02 November 2014

Dumbin' Down

The 700r4 is a common hot rod GM automatic transmission,
replacing the th350 cause of it's overdrive gearing.
The later '87+ models have more complicated electronic controls,
but without the stock computer module,
all of these  transmissions need a torque converter lockup modification.
Online there are plenty of options to follow,
from a simple rewire and toggle switch,
to the above universal kit.
My task was to install this universal kit
on the early style 1985 700r4 in the Hurtlocker Truck.
This Painless kit is used in all models up to the 90's.
What I realized,
is the later models that have more intricate computerized controls,
are dumbed down to use the early 80's pressure switch and torque converter solenoid/valve.
The parts I swapped were virtually identical,
and the directions were to remove all other internal wiring,
used on the later models additional switches.
Kinda sneaky way of squeezing $150 off a credit card!
The toggle switch is side-graded to this brake and vacuum switch,
making driving more idiot proof.
Possibly easier, possibly not.
If you're going with the mods,
make sure to either tap your original pan for a drain plug,
or get an aftermarket pan.
Draining the pan sucks without the plug.
There was no way I was gonna waste a gallon of basically new fluid! 
One step closer to gettin the old heap on the road.

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