29 April 2014

Daily Drivers

Here's a little prelude...
Ken picked up what looked and sounded like a bitchin camaro.
It made me want one too.
Then I remembered we couldn't afford to drive a GM musclecar when we had one,
and oh yeah we've got a handful of ford based hot rods already.
That's how the competition starts.
It's easier for me to dial the green 40 to be just as bad ass.
302 vs 350
It's an age old battle.
Of course in this case there's almost 30 years of styling differences.
And that's what makes it fun.
Old vs older...
Round vs square
Prewar vs postwar...
Sadly most people find comfort in slowly paying off an inflated car loan.
Thankfully car based America allows us to build this stuff.

Ken's got big plans for this beast.
I'll continue to scrape by.
Funner to be the underdog.
Stay tuned for the updates...


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