24 April 2014

Free your mind

So the boys got caught doing a little fabricating.
Usually I'll be happy about this.
Not this time it was with words and the timeline.
Nothing major,
but one thing were serious about is telling the truth,
then you don't get caught later looking like a dufus.
Best way to free your mind!
As prepunishment we had them write up some options.
Something for us to choose from.
Jaxon's in top in sharpie,
Jakob's on bottom in pencil.
What's with this list?
It's like they're punishing us for them doing something wrong.
Why take away our fun riding bikes or skating?
Where's the spankings,
or the kneeling on uncooked rice for a half hour,
or soap in the mouth.
Or how about an hour of weeding every day,
or scrubbing the toilet with bare hands,
Or writing "I will be a good boy" a couple thousand times.

Taking away their iPod...


So Jaxon says,"I may do the Portuguese Rice punishment!"


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