21 April 2014

Early Morning Psychobabble

One thing I know,
if there is momentum on a project,
don't stop.
It's like curling,
that ice and broom sport.
Do whatever you can to smooth the path.
In this case,
it is freeing up a block of time,
and getting my butt down to the shop.
After that I'm pretty much on autopilot,
just like that heavy curling stone.
The explanation is simple.
It may take days or weeks of subconscious planning.
It's like cranking an old wind-up toy.
The trick is to seed your mind to use that free time.
Go to sleep thinking of the project.
Have some pics on the phone to study and remember details.
When the solution hits clear the path.
Of course this doesn't guarantee success.
Far from it.
What it does is give mental preparation,
so there's no thinking needed to do the job,
that parts already been done.
Overthinking is usually what screws everything up!
In fact this thought process bleeds to the work time as well.
Instead of thinking of the cut or the shape,
I'll unintentionally think of a family,kid or the neighbor issue.
It helps to bring a notepad!
Some great ideas don't seem so great later on.
So instead of acting on them and being foolish or mean,
the better choice can be made.
I don't know if this is insight or crazy talk.
What the heck it's 3 am I'm going back to sleep!

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