16 April 2014

Back to Black - part 2

The boundaries were pushed for the rear transformation.
The rear decklid is a rust pit.
The outer edges are disintegrating,
The inner structure is nonexistent on the lower portion,
and the surface looks like a dirt field.
I've seen decklids in the $200-400 price range,
and figured after all the time in metalwork,
that may be the wisest direction.
The only mod is rounding the corners.
Two hours of grinding and scouring,
and this is as good as it was going to get.
Holey Chit.
Bring out the Ospho!
The phosphoric acid based rust converter is magic.
The liquid penetrates deep into the pores,
the oxidation process put on hold.
Out came the killer 2-part epoxy.
So much better even with the dents and holes.
The primer is amazing.
The next day it was sandable without clogging!
The wavy fender to body joint was reworked,
and the second coat rolled on.
While this was not the ideal procedure,
it felt right to get it done.
The rust is underneath there,
but will be in long-term hibernation with the chemicals.
In a way this is the perfect experiment,
to see how the steel, rust and paint coexist.
Mark your calendars!
The fender to body line still needs a bit more work,
and you may have noticed the unpainted bottom section.
The patch panels needed finish welding,
so stay tuned for part 3.


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