10 April 2014

happy sticks™

Within days of installing the big auditorium speakers in our living room,
I became painfully aware that while powerful in their sound,
the cabinets had a fragile flaw,
especially in our confined space.
I haven't played a Liar's Club in a while,
so let's see how long it takes to figure this out.
I had many ideas for a design,
but was limited to the scraps lying around.
Sure I could drive and get some 1/4" round,
but where's the fun in that.
A couple Model A Ford brake rods would do the trick.
A rusty scrap of flat bar was dug up.
This had the perfect patina to match the 1930's brake rods.
The modified band saw worked it's wonders yet again.
I get asked if I'm a welder all the time,
well a couple times a week it seems.
It's a common term for a metal worker to the common folk.
There usually is more time cutting, filing, fitting, drilling, etc.,
then actual welding.
Can you believe no grinder was used in this project?!

Obviously I'm trying to stall right now.
Have you you figured it out yet?
Here's some choices...
1 - mechanical Xanax
2 - big booty reducer
3 - point guard
4 - happy sticks™
Okay the top pic was actually the finished deal.
What did you guess?
Here's before the install.
See that point?
Well it's sharp and dangerous looking...
...but is defenseless against a clothes bin.
Remember these Klipsch La Scalas were made for a stage.
In this household,
the 7' spot inbetween the couch and the TV is also our folding area.
If your gonna waste time in front of the boob tube,
the #1 reason for the big booty syndrome,
may as well get something done.
Clean clothes need clean hands,
which means no greasy snack food too.
It's a win-win on all fronts,
and bottoms...
#2 it is!
This is also the primary wrestling area for the kids.
When you combine bodies and boxes,
what would be expected.
Things get knocked around.
I'm telling you this is prime real estate.
#3 it is!
I had a holey chit moment when I saw a really light mark.
After a wtf moment with the family,
it was easier to build the guards 
then to limit fun and chores over mashed points,
and sound like a raving lunatic.
Yep #1 it is too!

So if you chose #4...
Ding ding ding winner winner chicken dinner.
These guards are basically are recipe for happiness.
No more stress about ruined speakers,
a toned butt brings better self esteem, comfort and well happiness,
and really this helped justify keeping these!
I almost gave them up when they became to much of a liability for damage.
Yes I did contemplate on the round bars effect to the sound wave.
There's engineering involved in designing that bass cabinet,
and if it was water flow  it would definitely make a ripple.
Well I can't tell a difference!


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