17 April 2014

bottom's up

As you have read in the back to black series,
over the week a major milestone had passed.
That was the easy part.
Over the weekend,
some negative energy fueled an even stronger push.
I'll get to that story later,
for now let's focus on the good stuff.
Back in February I started to tackle the bottom rust.
Piece by piece sections were replaced.
Patch panels were rough hammered out,
and fit into place.
These pieces had only been mig tacked,
Waiting for finish welding.
Funny cause here was a time 
I could have lived with the rot.
As each corner became whole,
there was no turning back.
Finally the last of the easy pieces was finished,
and the big TIG was brought in.
So much nicer to use the tig for sheetmetal,
even if wind blocks are needed.
The finish welding took a couple hours each day.
At this time the corner points were also buttoned up.
A big step.
You know what happened next.
A little hammering and sanding...
...and time for some black primer.
So cool to see it like this after all these years.
Now for the hard part.
The front end is a mess.
The lower sections are toast,
And they aren't simple flat pieces.
The good thing is after I've got a plan,
Totally different from a month ago.
Stay tuned...

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