02 May 2014

Big Baer

I've been trying to start the Hurtlocker Truck updates for weeks,
and it seems like it is easiest to write backwards,
new to old.
Then when I'm done it will be easy to read in chronological order,
not like a Tarantino movie all jumbled up.
Where to begin.
These pizzas pans are the perfect place.
The stock corvette disc brakes are no slouch,
11.5" rotors and a neat finned caliper.
The donor had sat for too long,
and the brakes were seized up.
Perfect excuse to get the most awesome brakes available.
Ken ordered the 14" Baer Brake kit,
and it was time to see how bolt-on this was going to be.
We were lucky that some time in the past 4 or so years,
the suspension had already been cleaned and stripped.
You'll figure out the significance of that modified bolt soon,
it's helped with many high-end projects.
Temporary tires here...
The rear has an interesting drum emergency brake.
This was the only questionable part in the install,
whether or not to use the original shields.
Easier to toss then to trim and clean.
These brakes are huge.
I think the rotors are an inch thick!
The catalog and internet pics don't give them justice.
They better have as they're more expensive 
then the Perich family haulers!
There's an interesting break in method,
where the rotors are surfaced,
and the pads are bedded.
Basically cooking out the glue in the pad material.
Hopefully we'll be doing that soon...

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