01 April 2014

Bean Counters

Every spring that passes by 
I get an "oh yeah" moment.
This time we made a point to get some seeds planted.
Our green drink craze helped in the plant choices.
The kids tried the egg carton method,
since we were too lazy to weed out a proper area.
Every couple days they'd tend to the seeds,
tucked away among all our junk.
Less then 2 weeks later we had sprouts!
This was a family affair,
and Jaxon got his dues in on a secret project.
It's fun watching them learn how to build something from nothing.
Macey had no idea,
and when she saw the new bean counter...
She worked into the night.
I brought out our 34 watt bulb.
Way better then any TV or video game!
Only a few could be transplanted to pots,
so we gotta get on cleaning the garden spot.
I missed the stool time action shot.
Now the kids can watch these grow as they do dishes!

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