02 April 2014

Train Wreck part 4 - kenwood kr-9600

A little out of order here,
but part 3 is a little lengthy.
This one just happened so here goes.
Lately I've been trying to clear space.
I'm not sure how so many speakers have  taken over.
Yesterday a guy picked up the really cool Technics sb-6000a's...
Great sounding,
but were a tough fit in the house.
The soft tops can't hold frames or plants.
Next thing I know,
there's a huge receiver at the house,
a Kenwood KR-9600.
Of course the first thing to do is rip it apart.
Super clean,
and built like a tank.
This is rated at 160 watts per channel!
Top of the line for 1977 or so.
The interesting thing about this receiver,
is it doesn't use typical transformers.
Under the heat sinks are these trippy chips,
supposedly unobtanium if burnt out.
Now to give it a test run, 
a good excuse to clean the desk.
Where does this paper chit come from!
The Kenwood will have a tough time displacing the Sansui 9090.
With a strong 110 wpc,
the sound has that warm style and tone.
The kr is a monster.
Huge, shiny, intimidating.
The sound is tricky.
Very crisp and powerful,
just not sure if it matches our listening.
We'll give it a go and get back later.

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