08 April 2014

Cradle Robber Wassupdate

Been at a standstill on the new old roadster pickup.
The engine runs but there seems to be a carburetor issue.
One thing was hacked together though...
Nothing like a comfy 3/4" plywood seat
 to bring a smile to a little girls face.
This was the loft wood from the old shop,
and doesn't have the best history in its acquisition.
The worlds most expensive marine grade plywood.
Somehow two sheets were worth $900,
and I cut em up to make a huge shelf!
A good final resting place.
I didn't have time for the floorboard,
but that'll get done soon with the remnant.
My goal is to get it running,
and start on a hallock windshield.
Hey Matt from the 206 in Washington.
I lost your email if you can write back!

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