22 April 2014

Dyngus Day

Easter Sunday.
One of those days when it's tough to sneak in a couple work hours.
Even the egg coloring kit was teasing me.
This year the wife even had the day off,
which is rare in her retail world.
A fun filled family day,
we hung out with my mom's side of the family,
then had a mellow movie night - The Pirate Fairy.
Now we know the back story of Captain Hook and Tinkerbell,
how pixie dust is made,
and the birth of Tic-Toc the croc.
Good times.
I'll admit there was a brief thought I could get a couple hours in,
and I'm glad I didn't,
as there's always Dyngus Day.
Whatever I thought could have done would have backfired.
Didn't I warn you yesterday my preplanning doesn't always work?
The idea was to bolt on the running boards,
drill a few holes,
and slap on some filler after hammering the panels.
What ended up happening was creating the backing plates,
which helped to reinforce the real fender curve to the running boards,
and redoing the flap rods/tabs to keep the fenders from flaring out.
When I tried to half-ass it,
there was no way I could continue.
The quick couple hours extended into the evening.
And the waiting paid off both ways.
Dyngus Day!

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