31 March 2014

Sunday Fun Day

 After a lackluster and not too productive Saturday,
I was wound up to do some damage on Sunday.
With multiple projects to choose from,
the hardest part is focusing on one.
Remember my uncles floor from a couple posts back?
Well now that that project was finished,
the green light was on for the 40's tranny hump.
Typically I'm selfish,
but it wouldn't sound right to say,
"I didn't work on your floor cause I was working on my own floor."
As usual this project was the perfect way
to clean up the garage.
I'd been dragging around this aluminum scrap for years,
and although it was a little thin,
the worst it could do was serve as a template,
of course after a couple years service,
since the cardboard has lasted 4 months now.
One benefit of this thin aluminum 
is only needing simple hand tools.
This parlays into enjoying a good beer...
While bathing in crispy bass riddled tunes.
This was as far as I got.
Way stiffer with the bends,
which is why I didn't bead roll anything.
Not the best fit either,
but things may change if I weld it up.
If not it'll be covered up with a carpet,
and only 39 of us will ever know!

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