18 March 2014

Train Wreck - part 1 - Sansui 2000a

Any long time readers will know I'm a train wreck 
when it comes to old stereo equipment.
This is a 3 part disaster!
The good thing is I can be happy with cheap quality.
This 1972 Sansui 2000a receiver was bouncing around CL for weeks.
I was surprised it didn't get snatched up.
At 30 or 35 watts per channel,
it's not a desireable monster,
unless you've got a plan.
This one was supposedly from an old Sansui rep from up north.
I am still surprised how clean it is.
On craigslist it is common to use a canned photo,
misleading the actual condition until purchase.
No surprises here this one was a peach.
Jaxon had tagged along,
and the drive home was a perfect father & son moment.
Since we were near little Mexico,
why not do a little off-roading in the 40...
Holey chit...
Then I wonder why my hair is turning silver.
Safely home,
the receiver was thoroughly inspected.
No need for cleaning here.
The sound was crisp and warm as expected.
The wife loves coming home to this kinda stuff.
So now for the master plan.
The beauty of this piece 
wasn't only the cheap price or the sweet sound.
This model,
(Like the QR-6500 from last year)
was designed as a modular piece to an upgradeable system.
While the 30wpc is really sufficient and undervalued,
these have the capability to act as a preamplifier.
A Mcintosh preamp is financially out of my range.
Why spend $600-$1000,
when a fun system can be built for under $100!?
(Ok not including the amp..)
At least now I can hear if the extra money is needed.
Stay tuned for the sequel...

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