05 March 2014

Wake Up

I was able to squeeze a couple great deals at the Big 3 swap,
allowing quicker progress to various projects.

One thing I didn't need but was too good a deal to pass up,
was this bitchin Accel dual point distributor for $20.
To be blunt,
the past couple months of driving with the 302/aod were unimpressive,
even less exciting then with the old flathead.
I figured as a result of the slush box automatic,
and the 2.8 rear end ratio with tall tires,
and the 60's stock 2-barrel intake and carb.
Swapping the distributor should have been quick,
but as in any bolt-on there was a hitch.
The housing wouldn't seat down all the way.
The fix wasn't difficult,
the problem was only the oil pump shaft wasn't centered.
It was easier to pull out a stalled project.

It's hard to believe that last year at this time I was in a semi-thrash state trying to get the green 40 running.
How easy it is to forget.
Last January I had the wild idea of using a stock 70's duraspark dizzy,
and fit it with a GM HEI module.


The duraspark uses a magnetic sensor instead of points,
and the module adjusts timing and dwell according to load and rpm.

The HEI was stuffed into a dead regulator,
and has sat on the firewall unconnected ever since.
The stock points distributor was easier to hook up,
and once running didn't seem worth taking out.
Now was good a time as any to hook it up.
The electronic ignition needed a hotter 0.6 ohm coil, 
no ballast resistor,
and the spark plugs regapped to about .045.
Holey chit.
I cannot believe the difference.
It is a totally different car.
Maybe the advance was messed up in the old distributor,
but it's like driving a v8 now!
It still needs some different gearing,
but man I am amazed at the change.
The only problem now is wanting to give it more gas!

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