14 March 2014

long beach swap

Here's a quick 2-parter since I'm lagging so hard writing.
Last weekend I was the golden retriever on a mission to long beach.
Nice to not drive sometimes.

Part one was the long beach hi-performance swap meet.
When living in Ventura I used to go here all the time.
Not as huge as the Pomona swap with less commercial vendors.
If I was into chevies I'd have spent some money.
There were some early hot rod parts peppered around,
But nothing I needed or could afford.
This guy had some cool cast aluminum pieces,
at $50 per license plate frame,
made me think about experimenting with a design.

This was a good start but at $15k a bit out of my realm,
especially when we've got two similar projects.
Half the show is a car corral,
and there's a good variety.
I had to make it worth the $9 entry fee,
and bought a box of 24 steel u-bends I've got no picture of.
Fun scrounging for stuff,
but I could have slept in a couple hours and just done part 2 coming up.

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