04 March 2014

time flies

I can't believe it's already a week and a half since the big 3 swapmeet.
That's what happens when there's a year to wait.
This year was different,
instead of slinging junk,
I spent more time hunting for junk.
More walking then I've done since last year.
Amazingly enough I passed up all kinds of good stuff.
I did get some treasures,
but this year a lot of time was spent just hanging out,
seeing people I only see at places like this.
These guys kept me fed and lightly buzzed all weekend!
Thanks to the Mike and the Rotten's!
Good times...
There's many more picture-less people I should have got.
What also happens is I'll see stuff I'd like,
then realize we have one,
or two.
Definite sticker shock on this.
Then there's finding stuff that gives ideas for the next build.
Or in my case the next next next build.
Where do people get this stuff?

In the evening it got a little crazy.
Thats what happens when the bottles come out.
Fortunately there's no faces to incriminate.
My excuse was needing enough buzz to not want to drive home.
As the 40 was also my bed for the night.
Somehow I collected enough to fill the garage.
Nothing notable,
but stuff to complete the projects.
Now I'm wishing I had gotten things I passed up!
Anyway looking forward to next year...

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