26 March 2014

cover up - part 1

Usually I'll consolidate a couple happenings to make one good post,
to get the whole cause and effect.
I'm on hold here and I dig this new iphone blogger app,
so here's the boring part one while I'm waiting.
My parents got this now older cadillac,
a 2004 srx,
to make traveling to Ventura more appealing.
I remember looking at the northstar v8,
and thinking wow...shiny...
Ten years later it's still running fine,
but is it worth an overpriced dealer oil change?
For $70 we got the better Mobil-1 synthetic and a filter.
Way cheaper with the security of knowing what's going in.
It wasn't too surprising 
that the cover disguised a plain old gas burning engine.
The surprise was a greasy old gas burning engine.
Maybe that's why the covers on there!
Anyway for now it's a bit cleaner,
and my gears are grinding for the idea it pinged up.
Stay tuned...

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