20 March 2014

One step closer...

Building a hot rod is tricky.
Each step of the project is the most important,
until moving on to the next step.
There comes a time when it's all a blur,
and each little project stacked up finally becomes a car.
This last piece of the 29 puzzle was hiding a dozen little projects.
For 18 years it was easy to do any mechanical cockpit work,
as there was no floor.
The executive decision was made to cover it all up.
A major step.
No more Flintstone mobile.
My task was easy,
installing a premade flooring kit.
Like any bolt-on this required hours of cutting and fitting.
It's not any surprise,
how can they make a universal kit
that will easily work on every application.
The goal here was to copy a 5th generation xerox 
of a Bitchin Products assembly instructions.
I wish I took a picture,
it looked like it was faxed from an 80's street rod magazine.
I pulled out the big guns for this,
the old Miller MIG machine.
The gaps were too big,
and the subframe too painted.
Little by little the floor came together.
A big step!
Uncle Steve has been waiting 18 years for this!
Now for phase 492,
the accelerator pedal.
That's how this stuff works.
First the steering column drop,
then the shaft and u-joints,
cut the hole in the firewall,
fit and weld the floor...
just to get the gas pedal in!