21 March 2014

Properly Lubed

Something kinda funny happened the other day.
Sloppy was down for a short while from LB,
trying to sling his mini china truck.
He went to use some wd-40...
To the untrained eye it seems I'm loaded with spray lube.
One by one he found out they're all dead.
Why else would they be in a big pile on the tool box right?
Some of the cans have been laying around for a couple years now,
waiting for this very moment.
The milking.
Waste not want not...
This particular oil squirter has been around for at least 7 years,
in the same capacity,
holding a mishmash of penetrating oils...
Each can holds a different concoction.
The bent up one that looks really used is simple motor oil,
I use it all the time.
The bottom one on the left in the shadows is a tranny fluid/acetone mixture.
The top one on the right is heavy 90 weight...
Once you get used to these simple oil cans,
it's amazing how efficient they are.
A little oil goes a long way when placed in the right spot,
instead of being sprayed all over the floor.

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! I just punch a hole into the can & let it drip out slowly........yes, I'm frugal.