28 March 2014

Train Wreck - part 3 - La Scalas

This will be one of the longest posts in PB history.
I've been slowly writing it for days!
About a month ago I had been scouring craigslist for junk.
Every now and then there's an urge to sniff something out,
and why I was drawn to the San Fran area is unexplicable.
Up for sale in Oakland was a pair of Klipsch La Scalas.
A lackluster ad showed one picture 
of a water damaged and sun bleached cabinet.
The price was right at about half the going rate.
My kinda deal.
After many many emails and a fun phone conversation,
I couldn't pass these up.
The seller was an older guy,
used the speakers 24/7,
with stories of wild parties.
It is rare to hold something on a strangers word 500 miles away,
even after low balling him on an already decent price,
especially when other buyers were offering more.
In this way he called my bluff,
and I felt morally obligated to get these speakers.
Everything hinged on my secret weapon.
Our old pal Luke Pigpen Brown lives in the area,
and was game for a moving adventure,
even if it involved stairs.
It didn't take long for the beasts to become a fixture in his place.
Uh oh...
In a premeditated seed of coincidence,
I had planted an idea in Sloppy's head,
that turned into the beanstalk faster then expected.
Sloppy had been using this Chinese truck 
as a daily for a couple years.
He finally sold it and was looking for a more freeway friendly ride,
something like a Toyota pickup.
When I hinted to expand his search to the NorCal area.
He wasted no time,
and less than a week later a truck was found.
Holey Chit.
Another bluff called.
The convoluted plan involved renting a car,
jetting up to get this truck,
and using it to haul the speakers.
Well after the online car reservation was denied by Enterprise Rent-a-car
I realized it was mathematically cheaper to drive the van.
The best part was no need for a 24 hour frenzy,
trying to get the rental back in time.
The last minute change moved our depart time 
to coincide with afternoon LA traffic.
Driving a ford e350 van at 70...
We actually made it to the truck by 830pm!
Sloppy dug it and the deal was made.
Bummer was we didn't get to Luke's pigpen until after 11.
He rallied up the needed beers,
and we discovered there are no mexi-food places open at night.
What the...
Even more surreal was the bomb that they were expecting a kid!
A little Brown baby!
Holey double chit...
A good night of chit chat and by dawn our host and prego-hostess were off in the morning commute.
It was a bummer to rip these out,
there living room was made for them.
As a consolation prize,
I offered him some little Klipsch KG4's.
No definitely not as dominating!
With time to spare,
Sloppy and I made ourselves at home.
Their pad is awesome.
Tons of space.
We'd definitely have a half-pipe and a dirt track here.
We had also brought up his old honda superhawk,
no use wasting space.
With the speakers loaded up,
it was time to go.
Now I was glad to have brought the van.
The trip home was all about gas mileage.
The van likes 68mph.
I drafted as much as possible.
Leaving Castro valley after noon
brought me into LA at 530.
Great timing.
I was supposed to make a pit stop somewhere,
but once on that long highway...
It took an hour to go 20 miles.
At first I thought this was normal until I looked at the phone,
and brought out the traffic map.
Man what a time saver.
While thousands of cars unknowingly packed
into the devils bunghole of the 5 freeway,
a quick detour avoided the whole mess.
Gotta love technology.
Amazingly enough,
the van made it one way on one full tank of gas.
Sure it holds 25 gallons,
but good to know it can do a 500 mile stretch.
What was this post about again?

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