02 March 2014

Made of White

You hear stories of the people in tornado or hurricane country,
and you wonder how they didn't prepare for a coming storm.
All their stuff strewn around the neighborhood.
Well I can feel for these people.
In San Diego it rains about 2 weeks per year.
Out of these 14 days,
there are about twice as many false warnings.
Is that an excuse to be unprepared?
But that wouldn't make for fun reading.
These tarp setups are predominantly for shade,
but work really well for the occasional rain.
The bummer here is all my fault.
They weren't tied or weighted down.
I would have loved to see the canoe tarp flip over!
The thing is massive and was able to jump the 8 foot A frame.
The 40's tarp flipped back easily,
only a couple tweaked poles.
The canoe tarp took a bigger hit.
Surprisingly it held tight after the flip.
At first I expected to buy another craigslist special,
but we were able to rebuild it with a couple hammer smacks.
A good excuse to replace the raggedy tarp.
$30 vs $160 any day!
Of course this was all done in the rain,
and the next storm will be months from now!
Special thanks to MOW-Brett 
from the other side of he world for the tie down trick!

1 comment:

  1. Glad it worked out. You realise you'll never have another storm now that its up. Kind of like insurance : 0 ) Brett