27 February 2014

Miller Time

The Big 3 swapmeet was this past weekend,
and as usual gearheads arrived from everywhere.
Too many pics so coverage will be divided...
In the late 90's I was lucky to meet Steve Serr.
At the time I had a 4-banger coupe that attracted his attention.
Steve had acquired the original wooden molds for the miller ohv head,
and was super excited to get one built.
I remember the intricate puzzle pieces,
and also remember thinking what a big endeavor to start.
Well after 18 or so years,
Steve's built up one of the finest overhead conversions,
and has also peppered his inventory with related model A and B goodies.
He's made over 130 of these heads!
I'd love to have one,
but they cost more than our two daily drivers!
This June the Antique Nationals will be in Fontana,
And this rpu is expected to be up and running.
This thing is so bitchin,
tons of hop-up tricks.

Good stuff!


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