23 January 2013

El Desayuno de HAMB #3

Wow as I'm writing this,
I found out the last HAMB breakfast was at least a year ago!
perich brothers (and sister): san diego HAMB meet
Sounds about right as the mooneyes show was coming up.

the same thing happened at the 3rd SD HAMB breakfast.
San Diego HAMB meet up is on again! - THE H.A.M.B.
The cheerleader Paul aka "hombres ruin" started the fire over a month earlier.
Again I thought how ridiculous it was to preplan something so early.
3rd san diego hamb breakfast 2013

After all that posting 6 cars showed up!
Out of a city of a million people,
for some reason I'd thought there'd be at least 8!
In good faith there were guys with garaged projects,
so it was cool that people showed up even without cars.
barris 1940 mercury custom?

One of the big head turners was this 1940 mercury,
supposedly a barris chopped car.
With the headliner on there's no way to really know.
Most early cars were done using crude techniques - gas weld and lead.
If a car has really clean sheet metal chop work,
its gonna most likely be a newer build.
Just a pointer!
5.0 mustang in a merc - sleeper

This thing was hiding an injected 5.0 from a mustang and airbags.
Looked like a big money car redone about 7 years ago.
checkerboard firewall and hood

Never was a big fan of checkerboard paint,
but this car pulled it off.
From the patina of the checkerboard,
this may have been from the original customization.
Noel's chopped 1940 mercury

This thing had some sweet lines and great attention to detail.
Lucky owner!
Glad I don't have to take care of it!
chopped 1951 shoebox ford

Another really cool custom was this blue shoebox.
This thing was just finished 5 months ago,
and was really a show piece.
chopped 1951 shoe box ford

I like the 51's with the double bullet grille,
This one had a 70's camaro clip and running gear.
It amazes me that people can finish there cars this nice on a budget!
1957 corvette

This corvette showed up in an unconventionally unfinished state.
Most corvette guys are so picky they aren't fun to look at.
This one had the right amount of "I just want a cool driver".
His 350 was backed by a t-5 transmission.
The styling on these rearends is crazy!
1957 chevy corvette

This 28/29 roadster pulled up,
right out of an 80's time warp.
1929 ford roadster - fuzzy knight

While most 80's hot rods were trending toward pastels and bondo,
some guys kept it as traditional as possible.
This one helped me out alot as it had a SBF 302 in it,
and I studied the alternator placement,
even though it ended up the opposite.
He was also using this trick "snow white" water pump setup.
ford windsor with snow white water pump

And last but not least Paul's shoebox...
His was as clean as last time,
and again amazed me with the finish-work.
hombres ruin's 1949 shoe box ford

It was a good way to start the morning,
and helped get hot rod in my brain for the weekend project,
not to mention a tasty Perry's breakfast!

Definitely quality over quantity made it out,
both in people and cars.
Hopefully more projects hit the road for next time.


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