04 January 2013

high performance van

I've been really good about buying frivolous stuff on craigslist or ebay,
but when these popped up I lost all control.
parnelli jones love van

I didn't know that Parnelli Jones was a big van guy back then!
At the time I'm sure they would do anything to attract tire customers,
and the van craze was huge.
This style ford van was only from 67-75 so this sticker is a bit old.

I grew up with one of these as a kid,
and gotta look for some pics.
It was a dirty yellow tan with red rims,
no windows and a hot running 289.
Total love machine!
Hey it was the early 70's what do you expect!
big oly ford bronco

Would have been cool to see them make a baja 1000 van instead!

Of course I couldn't resist and bought all the guy had!
They're almost too nice to use though...
What can I say, I love vans!


1 comment:

  1. A friend of mine gave me an old 70's sticker sheet with one of these decals on it. I was instantly in love because I have a red '74 Econoline. Proudly stuck it on the vent window. Then a few months later I ran across a few more on eBay. Bought 2 pair as back-ups. I couldn't find any info on "Parnelli Jones High Performance Products" on the web. But as luck would have it, he's doing a book signing in the town I work in a couple weekends from now. I'm going to hop in my van and take one of my decals for him to sign. Going to ask him what this sticker advertised and hopefully find out some more info. Thanks for the cool post!