09 January 2013

lava shoes

Over winter break the kids had way too much free time.
I'd send them on bike rides,
chore duties, whatever it took.
macey's contraption

While the boys were out,
Macey and I set up a circus trick.
It started with a short run over the grass.
I thought that would get me some garage time.
Nope she mastered that way too quick.
Macey on the tight rope

Fortunately I had stashed a long wavy 2x4,
and we made a good 16 foot run.

It's hard to see,
but this thing is super twisty.
There's also a wobbly spot in the middle as it doesn't touch the ground.
perich brothers and sister circus

When the boys got home,
we had to grow it out a bit.
It was good to see them having fun.
You don't want to step in the lava unless you have lava shoes.

They took turns on this thing til it got dark.
I actually had to send them in.
Who woulda thought some old scrap wood
could get this much mileage.
family shot

I had to keep changing it up to make it more difficult.
Now the right side goes up hill a bit.

So now it's been up for a couple days.
Jakob stepped it up a bit,
and got the backwards thing almost down!
We'll have our own little circus.
Knife throwers, tight board walkers, gunslingers...
jakob on the balance beam

Simple things huh!
Anyone want to buy an xbox?



  1. How long till you add the bikes????

  2. You already know you're a genius, and I'm not the first to point it out. But I want to add a side note, beyond th compliment... I found that kids are like cats. You can buy really expensive toys they won't play with, or just keep an eye on them, and work with the hints they don't know they are giving... and learn that they can be engrossed with simple things... like the chinese game "go", the playing card game "War" or with cats, a cardboard box, a paper bag, a piece of curled ribbon from christmas. Glad to see you still blogging Travis! Have a great weekend!

  3. Hey Jesse-
    big thanks for the kind words!
    It is true,
    the simple things create imagination,
    whereas the hi-tech stuff seems to zombify them!
    Thanks for reading its good to know the master blogger walks among us!

    Hey Jeff - I forgot about the bike ramp!