17 January 2013

backyard billet

Many people think it takes a fat wallet,
or a maxxed out credit card,
to build a hot rod.
mustang to 1940 ford master cylinder adapter

Many people think it takes specialized tools,
to build the precision pieces needed.
boatyard scrap + MC template

Not the case down here in the Perich compound!
According to my STD list (chit to do)
there is an easy $500 worth of chingaderas needed.
That makes it all the more important to build rather than buy.

This little piece could have easily been had for $50,
rounded to $60 with the shipping.
holey chit

First off that $500 estimate didn't include this adapter,
so it wasn't on the list of things I can buy,
like a transmission cooler or alternator.
Although I could probably build a transmission cooler!
diamond in the rough

So armed with some aluminum boat scrap,
and a garage full of basic tools,
it was time to start whittling.
aluminum hand mill

My try to make a quick shapeless square backfired.
The adapter needs to be as small as possible,
or it will hit the adjoining crossmember.
Of course this would have been easier to cut when it was long.

No problem.
Clamps are your friend.
aluminum hand tool project

You'd be surprised what can be made with a worm drive!
mustang to early ford master cylinder adapter

That shaved spot is necessary on the inside part,
as it sits really tight to that x-member piece I mentioned.
I shaved the other side just for symmetry,
even though the piece is far from symmetrical.
It photographs well at an angle!
Hey what do you expect,
I'm using a frigging circular saw and a grinder!
mounted adapter

Finally the piece settled into place.
There were times when spending that $60 would have been easier,
but where's the fun in that.
I'd still be waiting for it anyway!
1940 ford holey floor

The rebuilt mustang master cylinder (cardone 10-1614) was only $16!
Yeah it's a rebuild but it should be fine for a couple years.
This is much taller than the original 40 ford version,
so it was necessary to cut a hole in the floor.
mounted master cylinder

I'll make a cover soon,
for both the transmission and the master cylinder.
For now my focus is doing the essentials to get it driveable.
If I'm lucky over the weekend I can get the lines plumbed.



  1. Nice work. I tried to build a 40 Ford in college. But it never got finished. I regret selling it every time I see a 40.

  2. Hey OL thanks for checking in!
    This has been a fun garage project,
    and a lesson in using simple tools!
    I'm sure your old 40 project somehow got you
    into one of your early motorcycles!
    It hurts to remember some of those motorcycle projects I let go!