28 January 2013

honey bear

If I was a samurai warrior,
this is definitely the helmet I would choose to guide me into battle.
Nothing is more frightening than a guy with a rabbit on his head.
Of course to wear this one I'd have to be about 2 feet tall.
crouching rabbit samurai helmet-kabuto

Out of curiosity,
I found out these are called Kabuto,
and there are many different versions of them throughout the ages.
If I were around back then,
I'd be the guy making these not wearing them.

Another addition to the "pure feline awesomeness" finds,
this orange cat was on the same guys table.
orange flowery cat

To be honest I'm not a cat person.
I'm allergic to them,
and really if they are doing their job of killing mice and rats,
I don't want to be touching one anyway.

A boy cat was sneaking into our garage at night,
and dammit if the thing was pissing in the 40.
It was the rankest smelling odor that lingers way too long.

Anyway I have noticed that there are alot of cat related figurines out there,
so here's to all you cat lovers.

This was our score of the day.
It had rained all night,
so the swap meet was about a third of the size.
Usually a good sign as there's fewer buyers too.
swap meet scores!

Keeping with the Richard Petty theme of the week,
the '64 plymouth model and the '36 ford model were $8!
Both were still in the original bags!
The little Tonka roadster rounded it to a ten-spot,
all conveniently from the same seller.

The honey is my attempt at a healthier diet.
I've come to realize I'm a sugar addict.
I'll have teaspoons of brown sugar in oatmeal,
than another teaspoon in some hot tea,
multiple cups throughout the day.

I've tried to ween myself off a bit,
but it's not easy.
After giving up coffee - (almost 2 years already!)
It's my one last vice.
How do you think I get the energy to scribble on here!


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