19 January 2013

Skate Rat

See anything wrong with this skateboard?
custom santa cruz eyegore skateboard

Jakob got this skateboard sometime in the summer.
We pirated a bunch of skateboard parts (thanks pigpen!)
and he was able to get a decent board on the cheap.
skateboard butcher

Well the thing is this board is super fat,
kinda like the boards that were popular when I was a kid.

Jake's been trying to get used to it,
but with his size 2 shoe it was time to make it right.
The board had such a deep concave
it wasn't really a comfortable board for me or I'd have swapped him.
Jakob Skate Rat

I hope that board wasn't collectible!
At least he can get some good use out of it finally.



  1. Sweet! time to weld a side rack to the stingray and send him off too the ob skatepark!

  2. I'm a little surprised they didn't start skating earlier.
    I'll post up our longboarding weekend in a bit,
    than he can skate there!