07 January 2013


It's been a month,
and today was a perfect day to give some attention to the rusty 40.
(the tres huevos coupe!)

If you remember the last time,
I made a half-a$$ed attempt at cleaning up the backside.
perich brothers (and sister): the chameleon
That time I had only spent time sanding with the DA,
then rolled the epoxy primer on.
The problem with it being (mostly) one color,
was the glaring unevenness of my sheetmetal patchwork.
It would scream at me when I walked by.

Since today was the first day it had rained in a week,
what better time to do some mudslinging!
One of the good things about so-cal,
as the sun will shine bright after a brief shower.

After a little hammering, a skim coat of Evercoat Rage,
some sanding and a sloppy primer roller job...
it was surprisingly presentable.
Sure I'm not proud of needing the mudslinging,
but after the epoxy and bondo fumes I'll forget about it quick enough.
Dang pictures!

My foray into the bodywork did get me to think about the old heap.
I'm going to try to tackle the remaining rough spots in a similar fashion.
Than most likely blend in the now protected metal,
with some of the original using an experimental patina process.
That way I can leave some of the remaining rust repair for later,
cause I'm a hack that way!
No matter what the finish,
it's gonna be one crazy 40 ford coupe.



  1. Thanks for checking in!
    You guys have some cool chit goin on out there too.