25 January 2013

STP #43

Just what I needed - more stickers.
How could I pass these up?
richard petty - five time champion-daytona 500

I didn't expect them to be this huge!
richard petty's glasses?

These were from some time after 1974,
cause that's when he won the race.
I'm hoping the sticker is still sticky.

This was when guys transported the cars on the backs of flatbed trucks.
A credit card street rod has more technology than most cars on the track!

These 70's Dodge Chargers & Plymouth Roadrunners
were the toughest looking (and performing) out there by far.
Would be cool to have a VINTAGE NASCAR races,
I'd actually consider watching them!
petty and baker

Lotsa information on this guys site ...
Petty Charger
Check out the peace sign on the headrest,
I guess the builders trademark.

Couldn't stop at one.
The guy has a few more check ebay!


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