05 January 2013

walls of sound - overkill?

Since the wife whipped us into getting the house organized,
I can finally show you a newer picture of our cubicle,
where all this magic happens!
perich cubicle 2012
onkyo tx-8500 & jbl 4311

Yeah this is considered clean.
At least clean-er!
perich brothers wall of sound
jbl 4311 & klipsch quartet

On the left is our little wall of sound.
The old shop shelf has adapted well into the house.
Somehow the speakers sound awesome in that location.
movie time
kenwood kr-7600 & klipsch forte

On the right is our movie setup.
Funny thing is this is all in the living room.
A little overkill with 8 speakers!
adcom gfs-3 splitter

My original plan was to run some speaker wire underneath the house,
to hook up one pair of speakers to the DVD and the other to the computer.
I've been too lazy and cheap to crawl under there for that,
and really the sound is already loud and clear enough for movies,
especially since we all sit less than 8 feet from the TV.

For now I've been using this ADCOM speaker splitter.
Instead of running 2 pair of wires on the floor,
over the busiest walkway of the house,
there is only one pair.
control center

Since there is only an A/B or A/C selection on the stereo,
the adcom can use all 3 pair,
although it is extremely rare.
Not an ideal setup,
but the receiver has at least 110 WPC and has no trouble.
garage tunes
sansui 9090 - klipsch kg4 & heresy

The garage setup is actually too nice for a garage.
Even with really poor speaker positioning,
the sound is so crisp it's amazing.
For a month or so I've been wanting to change it up,
mainly cause of the wet season.
sansui 9090 & onkyo tx-8500

So last night I did a quick swap and now the onkyo is in the garage.
It's one monster receiver!
new garage tunes
onkyo tx-8500 w/klipsch kg-4 & heresy

There was definitely a difference in sound.
I'm not sure if it was the rough MP3 recording,
or the couple shots of tequila I had.

This onkyo receiver is from about 1978,
and has all the original internals,
whereas the 9090 has had a recent sound card upgrade.

Basically the Sansui felt like being bathed in a warm musical shower,
while the Onkyo has a more cool clinical sound.
Like I said this was an alcohol induced review!
No complaints though this will be a fine garage setup.
sansui 9090 & JBL 4311

Now with the sansui back in the house,
I was immediately hypnotized by the sound,
like the band was playing right in front of my face.
Guess that's what studio monitors are for!
sansui 9090 & JBL 4311wx

The next morning I ended up flipping the speakers,
just to get the tweeters more at ear level.
upside down jbl 4311

You would be surprised how relatively little money I've got in all this stuff.
I'm at the point where I rarely look for replacement equipment,
just an occasional search for deals.
(I'd definitely get another sansui 9090 though!)

If anyone has a similar layout,
I'd totally suggest searching for the "vintage" equipment.
Not to say it's been easy as there has been learning experiences,
but this old stuff isn't tough to flip.
The main thing is to get pieces that were good at the time,
and research online before buying.
You can go much crazier with separates and higher end speakers,
there's a tricky line to cross with good sound vs good old bench racing.
perich cubicle 2013

And yeah the seed is planted with the kids too.
There's a hand me down Pioneer sx-780 for the video games.
xbox & pioneer sx-780

Okay now I can get some real work done!


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