14 January 2013


In my quest to get the green 40 running on a negative budget,
I've spent more time searching for deals,
rather than just buying parts.
This is my normal building process,
so its not surprising when a gamble on a used part,
results in some time spent making it work.
autolite 302 distributor

My recent score was this 70's 302 distributor.
Okay right now I hope it was a score.
At an auto parts swap meet this may have gone for $20 or $30,
so I was lucky to find it online for a similar price.

This is Ford's early pointless electronic ignition.
Supposedly they start and run better than the old points,
although the ignition modules have a tendency to burn out.
Maybe I better find an old point distributor to stash just in case!
delco-remy regulator

The trick thing to do is swap the big duraspark ignition module,
for an GM HEI module.
Supposedly the HEI has better reliability and running characteristics,
than the original.
regulator guts

The HEI is really small,
but keeping it out of view, dry, and cool was an issue.
So here's the HOW TO hide an HEI!
regulator base

I dug out an old (hopefully) broken regulator,
and started my little project.
This took way longer than I want to admit.
heat sink

Don't look too closely this is a prototype,
although I doubt I'll ever make a second one!
HEI module

This part was the trickiest.
connecting all the wires and spades.
I may regret this part later,
but it can always be changed.
spaghetti wiring

The idea was to have the connections mimic a working regulator,
instead of using the spades as the fastened connectors.
Now the spades are semi permanent and the box doesn't need to be opened.
rasta wiring

This old regulator was picked mainly cause of the cool raised letters.
Hopefully not too many people will ask why the coil and distributor
are connected to a regulator.
modified HEI ignition module DURASPARK

Now that the HEI module is 100 times bigger with the new box,
it's harder to hide.
I've tried to keep the upper firewall clear,
but now it's time to hide it in plain site right up top.
The little black box below is actually the regulator.
ford HEI ignition

I've got no idea how it runs,
as nothing is connected!
It looks clean with a 60's vintage,
while hiding some over the counter technology.
At this rate,
it should be running by next christmas!


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