13 August 2012

big ugly box

I'm sure you guys lost sleep wondering what happened to all that wood we packed into the van.
bare spot

All these years of living here,
this spot was taken by an old sailboat/trailer.
It's about time to make it a useful spot.

With the kids help the goal was to make the biggest storage shed possible.
Now I know why I wasn't an architect.
It's easy to build rectangles quickly,
tougher to make them look cool.

The kids were amazing helpers.
Hopefully they learned what to and what not to do.
back wall

The first half day we made the floor and the back wall.
The second half day we were able to do all the walls.
box shed

We really needed a third day to get the roof on.
Now it's been a week so good thing it isn't raining.
camouflage - what box?

The kids couldn't wait to do the paint.
I'm glad cause now it matches the house,
yeah our house is that off colored pink/purple/grey.

There's more tricks to camouflage it a little better,
maybe next weekend.


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