07 August 2012


Ken had this box stashed up on the shelf for weeks.
It is the worst form of temptation for someone like me.
rotate your stock

I'm a rattlecan addict and this paint is one of the best -
Sherwin Williams "Controls Rust".
I've tried them all.
I used to really like the Duplicolor Engine Enamel,
which is good but it gets brittle and chips easily.
Than I went to the Rustoleum Engine Paint,
mainly cause it came in these tall 16 ounce cans.
The RPU is painted with this and it's held up well.

I've yet to try the gloss version of this Controls Rust product,
but the flat paint is some bulletproof stuff,
for a rattle can anyway.
sherwin williams controls rust rattlecan

Needless to say,
I caved in.
A couple nights ago I sprayed a half-can that was lying around.
The frame looked so good I had to get a new can out,
the next thing I know there is only one can left.
Those 2 cans were enough to coat the outside surfaces,
but not inside the frame slots.
custom 1940 ford frame

I had texted Ken to warn him that I owed him some paint,
just in case he popped in and wanted to do some huffing.
He didn't seem to upset that I pilfered through his stock.
custom 1940 ford frame

The frame was unfinished with the bare spots glaring at me,
and tonight out came the last can.
It was a guilty pleasure seeing the frame coated in black,
like eating the last piece of apple pie.
creepy logo


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