04 August 2012

tj singletrack

Last tuesday I shot down for my weekly TJ dental road trip.
I'm really close to finishing up these visits!
The exciting part was the opening of the 905 freeway.
905 freeway

The drive to the Otay border crossing consisted of 8 miles of stop and go detour.
With no other choice it was just one of the parts of the drive.
Now I realize how much time is saved with the new 3-5 lane freeway.
At least 10 minutes was saved on the drive south.
TJ singletrack

Since the wife didn't come,
I rode the trusty mountain bike.
Strange how normal it is to ride down there now.
It's actually alot of fun to ride in the traffic,
among the slow moving cars.

On the ride back I rode on the opposite side.
One of my rides in the past was a little sketchy
cause of the big trucks and it is a mini freeway area.
There is a trail running alongside the road,
cool little sections of urban singletrack.
road to murua

If I wasn't always late,
the ride down the singletrack would be alot of fun.
cool rock wall

One of the perks about riding is really checking out the surroundings.
It's hard to see the details but this rock wall was so, well mexican.
I remember as a kid one of my uncles hired some mexican laborers to build some rock walls.
There is an art to building with random round rocks.
tj minimall

On the way up I couldn't pass up the liquor bottle pit stop.
905 freeway

Now I can say the van and I were one of the first 60,000 drivers on the new 905 freeway.
So much faster.
ron castillo rum

Yeah I now learned all rums are not created equal.
For some reason I went cheap and bought this $6 liter bottle of Castillo rum,
instead of the tried and true $13 bottle of Bacardi.
Yowza this is some nasty bottom shelf chit.
Even mixing it you can smell the hangover.
Oh well.


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