15 August 2012

reverse engineering v.3

Sometimes the best solutions are the easiest,
and yes sometimes that means being a copycat to another design.
small size hanger

The solution to this problem was obvious from the get go.
The tricky part was trusting measurements,
and utilizing only scrap material.
full size hanger

I tested it out but wasn't the lucky one to actually need it.
hanger in action

This was much easier for them,
rather than laying on the stomach with a concrete drill.
balancing act

That old life raft is not as tippy as it looks.
Hmm let's see here's some old pictures.
lovin the life raft

Wow this brings back memories of simpler times,
when life was easy.

really lovin the life raft

If you can't grind, plasma torch, fit and weld on a little raft 18" from the water,
in the middle of the night,
go back to table welding

really really lovin the life raft

And then there is the nasty "tweaker arm" side effect.
Even with a jacket!
Damn chispas.
tweaker arm

Funny how what constitutes a normal day changes from person to person.
Good times Pigpen good times...
years later

Good to see it's still holding up.
Funny how they'll haul a boat out for paint but not for surgery.

Thanks for coming with me on that accidental journey down memory lane!


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