12 August 2012

border town olympics

The kids set up shop in the upstairs room,
and discovered that the antenna hooked up to the TV gets reception from Mexico.
slouch brothers

All of a sudden we were watching real time Olympics!
At first I thought it was some replays from the day before,
but than the US girls soccer team beat canada in the last minute.
perich kids

So its been really cool to have the kids watch the olympics while I'm tinkering downstairs,
especially since we don't have cable at home so it's tough to watch!

This past week they were able to see a bunch of different sports
water polo, tae kwon do, track and field, weightlifting, handball etc.
that would normally be hard to see on the delayed NBC coverage,
since they only cover the sports or background stories from the US perspective.

Anyway even though the screen is a little fuzzy,
I'm glad the kids have the memory of the summer olympics now,
since it will be 4 years til next time.



  1. Just wait till the boys find tella novella!

  2. Yeah they loved the hottie on the after-olympics show!