15 August 2012

TJ hustle

One of the drawbacks of doing this TJ dentista thing,
is the lack of communication.
Most Mexicans run on an antiquated form of cellphone,
the glorified walkie-talkie called Nextel.
It's a cheap, immediate and easy way to talk to people,
but that's not the American way.

Since there's no international plan on our Verizon service,
and 90% of my cell phone conversations are text-based,
there is limited telephone interaction with our Dentista.
tj breezer thunder

That being said,
what was supposed to be my 2nd to last dental visit,
turned out to be a great day to go mountain biking!

In the past I have hinted on how to blend in with the locals,
and the Breezer Thunder has been listening.
A couple key meki-traits are an almost flat rear tire,
and a loud clunky bottom bracket that sounds like it will grenade at any moment.
We had this part covered!
Seriously 3 out of 4 mexican bicyclists fall into this category.
The Pemex stations have free air so I had to regress.

A couple of other TJ bicyclist details,
are seat posts bottomed out so it looks like they're riding a kids bike,
and derailleurs permanently stuck on the easiest gear.
Now this may sound like a bit of chit-talking and maybe it is,
but I had over a half-hour to people watch while hoping the dentista would come.
Unfortunately I wasn't in the picture taking mood!
wheel sucker

The uphill trail ride back was expectedly great.
I really need to get a new bottom bracket!
This gaping wheel sucker is smack dab in the middle of the trail.
It's definitely bunny-hoppable,
but this crack has taken out plenty of unsuspecting bicyclists.
overflow waterfall

Here is the culprit.
Further up the hill,
all the runoff from this drainage waterfall feeds that crack.
I bet this thing is a river when it's raining.
bacardi añejo

Couldn't resist the $10 liter of bacardi!
Yep gotta make lemonade out of those lemons.


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