03 August 2012

martini chinagirl pit bike

There's a guy out there somewhere who collects some really cool photos
of usually vintage performance cars and the like.

The Chicane Photo Dump

It's a great site to check out,
few words, tons of high quality pictures.
I didn’t have high hopes when I heard the Porsche 918 was wearing Martini Livery… but I was wrong. She’s looks fantastic.
martini porsche 918

Ok that is all well and good,
but the sidestory of the post is because of his picture of a Martini painted Porsche.

A friend who we'll call Chinagirl Mark,
the guy that has gotten head over heels in the motorized bicycle world,
dropped off a tweaker bike frame to do some welding on.
Dang it if I didn't take a picture of this POS.
It took a week to weld up a couple little holes.

He had a plan to do a pit bike version with the MARTINI logo.
I know the logo but was kinda clueless,
than the Chicane guy posted up a picture of the Porsche.
martini pit bike

He rushed the frame to a powdercoater,
and had some stickers designed to replicate the logo.
The next day Mark sent me pics of his finished pit bike.
It was a weird coincidence as I had just seen the porsche picture.
martini chinagirl pit bike

The bike sold within 24 hours at a local car and bike show in Irvine,
for a chit ton of dough!
Dutchman Motorbikes

Anyway I've got to learn a thing or two from his marketing technique.


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