15 August 2012

final details

can you count how many changes were done to get to this point?
1940 ford catchall

I'm  gonna make an extremely small amount of work seem huge.
Only cause a couple of these loose ends have weighed on me that much.
loose ends

Some quick cuts and a simple template...

Always fun to do this kind of work on a creeper!

Than my typical slopped on coat of red epoxy.
That little hole is supposed to be a drainhole.
Both rear wheelwells needed a bunch of welding as well,
but it didn't photograph that great.

With almost all the gaps welded, chingers ground down, seam sealed
and a solid coat of red epoxy,
it was time to do the traditional rattlecan black.
sealed and primed

After using all of Ken's spray bombs,
the plan was to get another replacement case.
A stop by the local HD store changed that.

This quart can of rust-oleum satin black,
and a couple mini-roller kits was only $16,
$20 less than a 6-pack.
I've been wanting to experiment with this enamel,
so this was the perfect chance.
satin black rust-oleum experiment

One trick I learned from my grandfather "Papa",
was to punch a couple holes in the top ring.
Then the paint won't jam up the lid.
old papa trick

It's a toss up which is quicker or easier,
rolling the paint or using a rattlecan.
work station

The roller puts on a really thick coat,
and the fumes are minimal.
Since the dry time takes so long,
it's easy to blend in any drips.
As an undercoat,
this enamel stuff really did the job,
and was dry to the touch at the end of the day.
black undercoat.

I liked the process so much I rolled the cherry picker too.
murdered out cherry picker

Here's the kicker.
The mini roller was $2 and only one was needed.
After all that painting,
barely a third of the quart can was used,
so about $4 in paint.
In comparison this would have probably needed 4 rattlecans ($25)
giving it a real thin coat,
with the additional spraybomb buzz!
A win-win for the rolled enamel.

I'll definitely be using this stuff more often,
most likely I'll do the top of the floor with it as well.

Now I wish I had rolled the frame with this stuff,
wouldn't have owed Ken a bunch of paint cans!


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