31 January 2014

the land of make believe - v.iii

Back in the old days we were fortunate to have a role model.
A man that took it upon himself,
to teach kids to be neighborly.
private security

Most of you guys will remember the song.
If you're like me,
it's like hanging out with an old friend,
ok more like an old teacher.
Yeah there were some creepy parts,
like the land of make believe...

The important part is Mr Rogers' goal was simple.
Live in a community.
Love what you do.
Respect other people.

So where to start.
This is a story of how we missed the Denver/Charger playoff game,
or it can be a story of how skateboarding is not a crime,
or it can be a story of how to not be a good neighbor,
or it can be a story of don't cry wolf.
jakob's grind box

It all started with Jakob wanting to build a grind box for skating.
He's learned to be so handy with tools,
that all I'll do is the cutting with the circle saw.
Jakob Perich - 2013

Not that he can't cut,
he squared up the xmas tree with the sawzall!
Anyway by 2pm the box was done,
and he was antsy to try it out.
Fortunately the Chargers had a weak start,
so there was no rush to watch the game.
grind box

After less than half hour he was bushed.
The olly-ing wore him out quick.
personal neighborhood security force

Next thing we know,
the cops are knocking at our door.

You may remember our little melodrama from last September.
Since then all had been relatively mellow.
That's kind of what happens when you know there is a gas leak,
you don't play with matches right?
*Unless you add the couple visits from code enforcement,
when the officer was almost embarrassed to waste both our time.

The policemen's take on it was the same as Mr. Rogers.

Kids playing at 3:00pm on a Sunday...
um...let's talk about cars.

On a funny note,
they actually had gone door to door,
trying to find out whose house the complaint was about.

We're talking 3 police cars and 4-5 policemen,
walking around the neighborhood,
trying to solve a noise complaint  on a sunday afternoon,
trying to discern among the cheers from the football game parties,
and the constant jet planes overhead.
wasted resources

After the policemen left,
I finished up the oil change I was doing on the van,
while listening to the Charger game on the radio.
It was getting good they made 3 touchdowns that last quarter.
The plan was to watch the tail end at my grandmothers house up the street,
the same thing we had done the past two games.

Well this is where I screwed up,
and I blame it on Mr Rogers.
I've got a habit of talking to our neighbors.
That is just what kind of tight knit neighborhood it is.
If we needed a cup of sugar,
all we'd have to do is ask.
If someone is bugging you,
just ask them to stop!

Anyway like I said this is where I screwed up.
At this time the noise complaint was considered anonymous.
When our neighbor came out,
I said something like "nice try"...
At this point it could have meant anything - like the chargers rallying back,
but it was obvious when he replied "...if you could keep your kids quiet..."
All I could do was shrug my shoulders.
What can you say when you get the staredown from twitchy-face guy,
that still likes to dress up in a baseball uniform.
Dang it why couldn't I keep my mouth shut!
neighborhood protection

So now I'm rushing to watch the tail end of the game.
And who shows up 20 minutes later...
...again three cop cars.
This time they are next door.
(I guess it was threatening that I tried to speak to the guy.)
I've never heard cops reprimand complainers before,
but it was validating to know that kids skateboarding is not illegal.
I'm imagining it is tough as in an HOA neighborhood,
there are security goons in golf carts that do this type of work.

Meanwhile we missed the end of the game,
and the police were annoyed they were missing potential DUIs from the SD loss.
Nothing like a waste of resources!

The days after were a little tense.
The kids were understandably bummed.
What parent calls the police on a 12 year old child?
What kind of parents think they are role models,
by showing their own kids it is correct to call the police?
This is not what Mr Rogers would have done.

We were buoyed by that close knit neighborhood I mentioned earlier.
At least 7 households came to us with their support in the days after.
It meant alot to hear we weren't the nuisance neighbors.
Copies of the police reports were even more amusing!

Now if we could just afford a big effing fence!



  1. When I was a kid, my parents had a next door neighbor who would come out and scream at me for bouncing a basketball while playing. I would only play during the day. It was a shame. My parents and the couple were friends before he decided he couldn't stand my basketball.

    I hope your son enjoys the ramp. It looks like he did a great job with it.

    1. Hi miatabug thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

      I'd have more respect for them if they just spoke or even yelled at us to stop.