17 January 2014


As usual,
a 1-minute conversation has the power to change the course of a night.
chessboard by s. folsom - chesspieces by ganine - gothic

A friend Steve donated a chessboard yesterday to the Perich household.
I guess he had built a bunch for a chess tournament,
and this was one of the irregulars.
Way better than the folding cardboard one we had.

Little did he know we had a small collection of chess pieces.
The normal wooden set was handed down from my grandparents,
and the other 60's version an estate sale score.
ganine gothic chess pieces

Crazy stuff huh?
Not as crazy as these guys.

Iron Horse - Enter Sandman - Rulers

jakob perich - 2013

First up was Jakob.
He's always game for a challenge.
I'll let you know,
it is almost more stressful than fun to play against the kids!
macey perich - 2013

Next up was Macey.
This was her first game,
and it always surprises me how good her memory is,
especially with all the moves these pieces have.

Even at 7 she understood her own form of strategy!
Cool to watch.

Yeah I guess she learned it's a brutal game!


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