10 January 2014

first kiss

It starts easy.
The first couple months,
the baby barely cries,
the poops are small and manageable.
"What's all the fuss?"you think.
Then starts the meat based diet.
No more baby poop.
But you get used to it,
becoming just part of the daily routine.
And so it goes throughout the years.
Macey and Jaxon Perich - 2013

It reminds me of this black and white short movie I saw at a film festival
they had up in La Jolla many years back.
This guy takes the same elevator every day.
He decides to see if he can take his clothes off and on by the time it stops.
He adds more and more tasks as the years progress,
shaving, cooking an egg, ironing, darning socks, it gets ridiculously crazy.
This is all in fast motion.
At the end he is a dead old man.
A lady opens the elevator and it is full of all the paraphernalia he did daily.
It's really funny and this by far doesn't give the film justice!

now with three kids I can see the future.
What sounds crazy now is gonna become normal.
Jaxon has spearheaded this,
and now he's interested in cars, girls...
Holey chit...


Oh yeah if you remember that movie,
email me I had no luck in the search!

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