30 January 2014

tinker time

I thought over the last weekend
I'd get the banger engine in the A running.
Everything boiled down to rebuilding the distributor and carb,
which to me aren't valid ways to spend a day.
Sure it's important,
but that is work tailor made for the 34 watt light bulb.
model a carb rebuilding shelf

I'm glad my naturally conscious procrastination tendencies won over,
as I've been tinkering for the past couple evenings on these things.
This would have added up to a full day really quick,
and I'm not even done yet.
model a distributor rebuild

After a ton of cleaning,
the carb pieces all look reusable.
Amazing after all these years.
All I'll need to dig up or cut out is a gasket.

I found an ancient set of points on ebay.
The box is in the center of the picture,
and is one of those things I'll have to stash in a junk pile.
I'm unable to throw stuff like that away until it is accidentally destroyed.
Anyway the distributor has been totally disassembled and oiled up.
A couple more evening hours and we'll be ready for a weekend startup!


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