26 January 2014

subject matter

 I've often wondered how an artist chooses subject matter,
and after a jaunt through an estate sale,
that thought came up again.
angry indian painting

For instance,
this painter has a fondness for angry American Indian chicks.
Was there a model or was this his imagination?

Typically you see stuff like this.
Paris scenes...

...or this ocean scene.
This one was cool as it was really small and detailed.
I like the color of the water too.

Then there's your tall ships.
This family had a bunch of tall ship paintings around the house.
point loma estate sale

That's when I started wondering not about the artists,
but more about the conservators of their art.
How do they choose what to put on the wall,
and where to put it?
naked chick

For instance,
this charcoal of a naked chick,
was set up in the living room,
right next to the dining room.
A bold statement at dinner parties!

Cheers to this older couple that knew what they liked.
Hope these paintings will forever hang on equally cherished walls.


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