03 February 2014

brown nose

Wow I can't believe it's already February.
I found out I was still tagging pictures 2013!
And guess what?
Now that a year has passed,
it's time for "oldies month"!
not metal finished

I've got to kick it off with one of the top favorites here...
the floaters...float on...

So smooth...so good...
big brown nose

This saturday marked a big step in the tres huevos game.
The hood was hammered out a little,
smoothed over a little with some evercoat filler,
and completed with a thick coat of brown epoxy.
It'll still needs a little fine tune smoothing,
but that constant nagging feeling seeing a hole is finally gone.

I'm hoping that that pie-cut or section was enough.
It looks a little pinnochio-ish.
If all goes as planned,
the hood will only be on there on the cold month or two.
Now time to figure out that grille.


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