30 January 2014

GNRS consolation prize

This past weekend was one of the biggest car shows on the west coast.
You'd think living only 100 miles away,
we'd have rallied up to see the GNRS.
The deadline of countless work hours of like minded hot rodders.
Instead I had big plans.
Working on the chopped 40,
getting that model A running,
get the steering on my uncles roadster finished...
klipsch kg4

Usually I'll re-prioritize that time and money of going to a car show,
and use it to work on my own project.
You figure a good day and a $100 can go a long way.
I did try.
Not to say nothing was done,
just not in the capacity I had imagined.
Klipsch KG4 speakers

However there was a consolation prize.
One early morning during the week,
wednesday maybe,
I had found a craigslist ad for some klipsch kg4 speakers for cheap.
After a couple texts,
it seemed like the guy had second thoughts about giving them away.
No biggie it's not like I need another pair.
On Saturday night I received a text asking if I was still interested.
The kids were packed up,
and we went on a short trek east.
freebie drum set

The speakers were hooked up and sounded great.
The guy (john) was super cool,
and we made the deal while the kids played WWF in the van.
On the way out,
he asked us if we wanted a drum set,
for free!
How could we pass this up?
Sure it's just an entry level set,
but hey better than the one we don't have right?
mini wall of sound

Suffice it to say,
the last thing we need is another set of speakers.
Right now I'm up to 6 pair.
What better excuse to clean up,
then to camouflage a new set of speakers into the living room!
Now to make space for that drum set.


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